Pros and Cons of Living in Guam

Guam is a beautiful island in the Pacific that has a lot to offer. However, Guam is not a perfect place to live. Guam is a small island and that means that there are some things that you can only find on the island. It’s like going to Vegas. You can go for a good time or you can go for a serious time. Let’s take a look at Pros and Cons of Living in Guam as an expat.

List of Pros and Cons of living in Guam

  • + Warm tropical climate all year round
  • – Expensive airfare to mainland
  • + Beautiful beaches and outdoor activities
  • – Limited job opportunities
  • + Low cost of living
  • – High cost of imported goods
  • + Low crime rate
  • – Limited public transportation
  • + Great cultural diversity
  • – Limited access to quality healthcare
  • + Robust job market
  • – Limited entertainment and shopping options
  • + Easy access to the rest of the world
  • – Limited infrastructure in remote areas

You will feel Warm tropical climate all year round

Guam, a island in the western Pacific Ocean, is known for its beautiful warm tropical climate. Located in the tropics, Guam enjoys sunny, beautiful weather all year round with temperatures rarely falling below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

The island is surrounded by crystal-clear ocean waters and is often shrouded in fluffy white clouds. The months of May, June, and July tend to be the warmest, with temperatures reaching up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

Aside from being warm, the island’s weather is also very humid, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The warm ocean breezes provide refreshing relief from the hot temperatures during the day and the cooler air at night make for a pleasant sleep.

All in all, Guam offers a pleasant and comfortable climate for its visitors, ensuring a nice and relaxing holiday experience.

Beautiful Beaches and great Outdoor Activities

Guam is an amazing holiday destination, with beautiful beaches and a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll along the shoreline or a more adventurous outdoor activity, Guam has something for everyone.

The best beaches in Guam offer white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking views. For those looking for a little bit of adventure, there is a huge range of outdoor activities to choose from.

The island of Guam is home to a variety of activities, from swimming and snorkeling, to kayaking and paddle boarding.

There are also hiking trails, jungle zip lines and ATV tours, as well as a range of other outdoor activities to enjoy. The island also has a range of water parks and theme parks to explore, providing plenty of entertainment for both adults and children

Guam offers an unforgettable experience and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Low cost of living

Guam is an ideal place for those seeking a low cost of living. The beautiful island offers a wide variety of amenities and services, yet the cost of living is still quite low.

Grocery costs are very reasonable, with many items being much less expensive than in the United States.

The cost of housing is also relatively low, with most areas offering affordable rental options.

Public transportation is also available and inexpensive, with the option of renting a car or scooter.

In terms of entertainment, there are numerous outdoor activities, such as swimming and snorkeling, as well as a wide array of indoor activities and nightlife.

All in all, the cost of living in Guam is much lower than that of many other states and countries, making it an attractive destination for those looking for a budget-friendly vacation.

Crime Rate is very Low

Guam is a beautiful and peaceful island located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is renowned for its stunning beaches and lush tropical rainforests.

The people of Guam enjoy a low crime rate and a relaxed lifestyle. The government of Guam has worked diligently to create a safe and secure environment for its citizens and visitors.

Crime rate in Guam is very low in comparison to other countries. According to the Guam Bureau of Statistics, the crime rate in Guam is about one-third of the national average. This is due to the stringent laws and regulations implemented in the country.

In addition, the police force of Guam is highly efficient in keeping the crime rate low. They have implemented several security measures and have trained their officers to respond quickly to any crime related incidents.

Furthermore, the citizens of Guam are very law-abiding and have a strong sense of community. This creates an atmosphere that discourages crime and ensures that people feel safe.

The government of Guam also provides various programs and initiatives to help people stay out of trouble. These initiatives include education and awareness campaigns, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and youth programs.

All of these efforts have contributed to the low crime rate in Guam.

Cultural Diversity is great

Guam is a popular tourist destination in the Pacific Ocean renowned for its beautiful beaches and lush tropical rainforest. It is also a great place to experience cultural diversity.

Guam is home to many different cultures, making it a great place to explore and learn about different cultures.

From the indigenous Chamorro culture to the Spanish, American, Filipino, and Chinese cultures, Guam is a melting pot of different cultural backgrounds.

The cultural diversity of Guam is evident in its food, language, music, art, and traditional customs.

The island’s unique cuisine reflects its diverse cultural background, with dishes incorporating flavors from all over the world.

Guam is also home to a variety of languages, including Chamorro, English, Spanish, and Filipino, with many other languages spoken by smaller populations.

Music is also a major part of Guam’s culture, with traditional Chamorro songs and dances, as well as music from different cultures.

Art is also a major part of the island’s culture, with many of the traditional Chamorro crafts still being practiced today.

Finally, the island’s traditional customs and beliefs still hold strong, with many ceremonies and customs still being practiced around the island.

Guam’s great cultural diversity is a major part of what makes it such a great destination for tourists.

It is a great place to explore different cultures, learn about new traditions, and experience something new and exciting.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the local cuisine, learning about traditional customs, or getting a taste of the different cultures that make Guam unique, you’ll find something special in this beautiful island nation.

Easy access to the rest of the world

Guam is an island situated in the Western Pacific and it is one of the U.S. territories. It is a great base for exploring the region due to its easy access to the rest of the world.

The airport on Guam is the main gateway for travelers to the region. Flights from Guam International Airport to destinations across the Pacific including Japan, South Korea, China, Philippines, Australia and beyond are available.

Guam is also accessible by ferry, which connects it to the nearby islands of Saipan and Rota. These ferries typically run a few times a week and offer a comfortable and convenient way to get around the region.

Expensive Airfare to Mainland

Travelling to the mainland from Guam can often be an expensive endeavor. Airfare to reach the mainland United States from Guam can be upwards of $1,000 USD depending on the time of year and the airline chosen.

This is due to the fact that air travel to Guam is limited compared to other destinations and there are no direct flights, meaning travelers must stop in another country or territory en route.

The extra flight legs increase the cost of the ticket, and the distance traveled also adds to the total cost. Those looking to save money on tickets should book as far in advance as possible, usually at least two months, to take advantage of potential discounts.

Furthermore, travelers should consider exploring budget airline options such as Scoot and AirAsia for potential savings.

Finally, flying with a group can sometimes lead to cheaper airfare as well. With these methods in mind, travelers can save money and still experience the breathtaking beauty of the mainland United States.

Limited Job Opportunities

Guam is a small island in the western Pacific Ocean, and though it is a popular tourist destination, it offers limited job opportunities to its inhabitants. The most common job opportunities are in the tourism industry, as there are many resorts and hotels on the island that hire locally.

Those with skills in the hospitality industry, such as chefs, waiters and housekeepers, will find the most employment opportunities here

There are also limited opportunities for those with technical skills, such as engineering and computer programming. These positions are usually held by expatriates, though some are filled locally.

The local government also employs a significant number of people in its various departments, such as health care and public works.

Essential public services such as law enforcement and firefighting are also provided by local government.

Other job opportunities include retail, construction, and higher education. There are also a few limited opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Unfortunately, the job market in Guam is quite limited, as there are no large businesses or industries. This can make it difficult for locals to find jobs that are in their desired field.

Despite this, there are some opportunities available, and those with the right qualifications and skills can find employment on the island.

Imported Goods are High

The cost of imported goods in Guam is considerably high. This is due to a combination of factors including the high cost of shipping and tariffs imposed by the government.

Shipping costs are determined by the distance the goods have to travel, the mode of transportation, and the size of the shipment.

Tariffs increase the cost of imported goods, as the government imposes a fee for goods coming into the country. This is done to protect domestic businesses and to increase revenue for the government.

The US dollar is also not a major currency in Guam, so the cost of importing goods from the US is higher than it would be in other countries.

The high cost of importing goods to Guam can have a significant impact on the cost of living.

Many of the items that are essential to daily life, such as food and clothing, are imported, which makes them more expensive than they would be if they were produced locally.

The cost of luxury items, such as electronics, can also be higher due to the cost of importing them. This can make it difficult for residents of Guam to purchase the items they need and want.

In order to make imported goods more affordable for residents of Guam, the government has implemented a number of measures. These include introducing incentives for import businesses, such as tax breaks and other financial assistance, as well as reducing tariffs and simplifying the import process.

Additionally, the government is working to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on imported goods.

By doing this, they hope to reduce the cost of living in Guam and make it easier for residents to purchase the items they need.

Public Transportation is limited

Public transportation in Guam is limited, with few options available. There is only one public bus system, the Guam Regional Transit Authority, which operates in the central parts of the island.

The buses are very limited in their routes, operating from 6 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 4 pm on weekends. The bus service is infrequent, with buses running only every hour or two.

Taxis are also available, with fares starting at around $11 USD, though this service is also limited to certain areas of the island. For those living in rural areas, there are no public transportation options available, as the buses only run in the central parts of the island.

As a result of the limited public transportation options, many individuals on the island rely on private vehicles or carpools to get around. This can be expensive, especially for those with limited financial resources, and is not always a viable option.

This can contribute to the already high levels of traffic congestion on the island, as the lack of public transportation often leads to people driving their own vehicles rather than taking public buses.

Overall, public transportation in Guam is limited, leaving those living in rural areas with few options for getting around. This can make it difficult for those with limited financial resources to get to their desired locations, leading to high levels of traffic congestion on the island.

As a result, the government of Guam is looking into expanding its public transportation options, including the possibility of establishing light rail and bus rapid transit systems.

Healthcare Quality is limited

Guam has limited access to quality healthcare. From doctors to hospitals, Guam has a high lack of medical professionals. Only 56% of Guam’s doctors are locally trained. 1/3 of the doctors had to leave the country to finish their training. There is a lack of access to care on Guam and healthcare is very expensive.

The infant mortality rate is five times higher than the national average. 70% of deaths in Guam are preventable. Overall, Guam Government is trying hard to improve their healthcare system but it will take time for improvement.

Entertainment & Shopping options are limited

Due to Guam’s geographical location, there are limited entertainment options on the island.

Shopping options are also limited due to the lack of large amounts of open spaces on the island. Most shopping is done in Guam’s two duty free shopping centers, the Plaza and Tumon Bay.

Guam’s close proximity to Asia also provides various options for shopping. Visitors or residents can visit the China Town in Hagåtña or the Micronesia Mall in Sinajana.

Some remote areas have Limited or non-existent infrastructure

Remote areas in Guam do not have running water, electricity, or sewage system Thus, It has very limited or almost non-existent infrastructure.

People in these areas are forced to travel long distances to reach the location of services. This not only causes hardship, but also puts people at risk for injury.

In response, the government of Guam has taken action to improve infrastructure in remote areas by installing solar panels, providing potable water, and building new roads.

The government has also invested in education and job training programs to support economic development in these areas.

Overall, It will improve in the future for sure but again it will take time.

Concluding it now,

You might want to be serious, but you can also have a good time in Guam. Guam has beautiful beaches, world-class resorts, top-rated restaurants, and a first-class airport. If you’re thinking about the island of Guam, then make sure you read each of above point carefully. We have almost covered everything you need to know about the Guam.

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