What are the Pros and Cons of Spotify?

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming service. It gives you easy access to vast collections of songs, videos and podcasts from artists across the world. Now play any of your favorite track from the web.

You do not need any hard drive like, for example, pen drive, CD etc., for connecting to music. You get access to your favorite music contents free of cost. All you have to do is sign up in Spotify using your email address or link it up with your Facebook account.

If you are not interested in opting for a monthly subscription for accessing Spotify premium, then it’s easy to start with your free trial. Spotify has gained a large part of the music market. It has notably acquired 100 million subscribers for premium services all over the world.

How Spotify works?

  • Use Spotify App on your PC or your phone, or you can visit the official website of Spotify to sign up. You can use the credentials of your email address or your Facebook account to sign up.
  • You can either access Spotify music for free with ads or subscribe to Spotify premium for more lucrative features.
  • While free users can access millions of music online, premium users can easily stream music on other devices to play offline.

Many other music streaming services like Google Music and Apple Music are growing gradually, so people have other choices. Then

  • Why should one prefer Spotify?
  • What makes it so different?
  • What are Spotify pros and cons?
  • Is it worth getting upgraded to Spotify Premium?

Are you not being able to decide whether to use Spotify or not? Well! Then go through both Pros and Cons of Spotify to take the best decision:

Advantages/Pros of Spotify

Spotify is exceptionally user-friendly

To start with Spotify, you have to register for a free account. In the beginning, the service was availed by users through an invitation that helps the company to meet the product demand perfectly. But, now, because of a partnership with Facebook, you can access Spotify using your Facebook credentials. Moreover, Spotify allows users to make their list of favorite music they want to play and listen to.

Free trial

If you are new to Spotify and do not know anything about its benefits and features, first opt for its one-month free trial. Spotify offers many services in its open plan, like creating a playlist, listening to millions of songs, videos and podcasts, etc.

Not only that but also you can play your favorite songs or any album in shuffle mode. A free trial also gives you time to know about Spotify and its various offers. As a result, you can make a better decision whether you want to avail of its premium features in the next month or not.

Also, after subscribing to premium services, you can cancel your membership anytime you want.

Highly compatible

Spotify application is highly compatible with almost all platforms. You can access all services using Spotify apps for Mac, Windows, Open Pandora, Roku, Smart TV, PlayStation 3 &4, Linux, OS X, MeeGo, Android or iPhone. You can also access the Spotify web application available on numerous platforms to enjoy its services.

Upgrade to premium service to save millions of music and podcasts on your device: With Spotify premium, you can save about 10000 songs each on five various devices. Furthermore,

  • You can listen to your favorite songs when you are offline.
  • Unlike the free version, you will not be interrupted by ads.
  • Play Spotify through your car or TV

As you don’t have to shuffle, you can easily avoid tracks, get radio access and enjoy everything Spotify offers.

Best quality services

Spotify runs at a speed of 160kbps on the desktop for free subscribers and premium subscribers. It runs at a speed of 320kbps. It is one of the best rates of compression you will get.

Worthwhile membership plans

Spotify offers various plans for availing premium features. You can either opt for an individual plan that costs you around $9.99 per month or select a family plan that costs you $ 14.99. It doesn’t end here because you will get a whopping 50% discount if you are a student. This implies you can opt for a student membership for only 4.99$.

Easily share your music experience

Spotify offers you an excellent social experience. Wondering how? Well! If you have connected through your Facebook account, people in your friend list can see what you are listening to. Moreover, you can also share your favorite music with them. So, isn’t it a great social experience?

Drawback/Cons of Spotify

Spotify does not have its own Lyrics feature anymore

Many people love reading the lyrics while listening to it. Initially, Spotify had this feature, but now they have removed it. Thus, it causes inconveniences for those who want to read the lyrics while listening to the song. But if you still want to get access to lyrics, you can use additional apps like Genius behind the Lyrics or Sound Hound.

Not available in all countries

Well! This is one of the rampant flaws of various music and video streaming services. They are available only in a few countries. Spotify also has the same fault. To know about the list of countries where Spotify is available, visit its website or its app.

Quality of the sound and other bad experiences

The quality of sound is low for free subscribers of Spotify. When premium subscribers enjoy a speed of 320kbps of music streaming, free users only get 160kbps. As a result, free users have to listen to several audio advertisements between the songs and a podcast.

Few other limitations

When you are using Spotify app on your mobile that too with the free account, you can listen to songs in any order you want. But only if it is present in any of the 15 customized playlist selected for you by Spotify algorithms.

If you are a premium subscriber, you can stream a whole playlist for offline listening. But again, you cannot download any song. Other than that, when your premium subscription is over, you will not get access to any of the offline content that you had saved.


To conclude, these are few Spotify pros and cons that can help you decide whether to opt for Spotify to avail music streaming services.

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